R. C. Shukla - The Center

Kundalini Alignment

All physical or living systems comprise of components which are polar opposites and attract each other. They also complement and supplement each other. They normally remain un-aligned. Optimum performance can be achieved by systematically aligning these mutually attracting polar opposites in Kundalini Sadhana. Moreover we can practise it through either of the following two routes 1) physical route 2) spiritual route. 1) Physical route - It comprises of subjecting the Living Organism to cycles of stimulations and relaxation through physical exercises as this would transmit life force upwards from its centre to the centre of cosmic force. This is akin to the awakening of kundalini - described as a dormant serpent power lying at the base of muladhar chakra in human body, which is to be transmitted it upwards. 2) Spiritual route - It comprises the subjecting of the living organism to cycles of Stimulation and Relaxation through such meditation as this would transmit life force downwards from its centre to the centre of cosmic life force. This is akin to various forms of meditations. Reiki also helps greatly in this regard. It channelises the cosmic force from sahasrar chakra and transmits it through touch of hands and attunements.