R. C. Shukla - The Center

Reiki Energy

The term Reiki means the divine healing love and more over as a complementary thearpy. It can also be regarded as a spiritual journey on a life path. The divine power Reiki works to heal the physical, subtle and causal levels. Reiki enables the soul to shed its mortal identification and enables it to realize the spiritual nature of the oneness with the Absolute. Reiki Touch: People touch you but they never touch you in reality. They touch only on the periphery and you are somewhere deep in the centre where none enters except love. When I touch you I just become the touch. My whole being touches. I am totally in tune with touch. It is total. That touch is my being. Remember totality is always energy. My presence heals. Healing is not done it happens. There is a strong connection between the hands and the heart. As heart opens up through Reiki, the hands know what to do and there is no need for interference from the mind. Reiki will induce Alpha or Alpha-Theta brain wave state in both the giver and the recepient.