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Reiki Attunement

The Attunement Method: Reiju is a Japanese name for attunement and is performed without mantras and symbols. But Chujiro Hayashi made the Reiju more powerful by including the symbols and mantras into the process. Attunement is a familiar word for those of us who use Reiki. Jaclyn Stein Henderson in her book "The Healing Power of Attunement Therapy" has described its therapeutic use also but a Reiki attunement is really an ancient spiritual method of empowerment where a teacher transfers energy and existential knowledge to student through a form of initiation. Remember Reiki is not knowledge-based, it is experienced based. You cannot acquire the ability to channel Reiki by reading books on Reiki. The ability to give Reiki treatment is acquired by receiving an attunement rather than by developing the ability through the use of meditation and other exercises. First degree attunement is focused mainly on opening up the physical body so that it can accept greater quantities of life force energy. The four attunements of first degree raise the vibratory rate of our four energy centers known as chakras. The second degree attunement provides a quantum leap in our vibratory level. It is almost four times greater than the first degree. The three symbols which are taught in second degree also become activated. In second degree great emphasis is on adjusting the ethereal body rather than a physical body. In this attunement third eye is greatly affected. This third degree attunement is used to initiate a Master. This attunement amplifies the vibratory power and activates the Master symbol. After the attunement process in each degree the students should undergo a 21 day cleansing. Reiki healing attunements can also be given for a healing purpose. It brings in higher frequency healing enegies which are more powerful and effective than the regular Reiki Treatment.

The Methods of Attunement: There are basically three procedures used for attunements used by various Reiki masters. (1) The first method is that which is followed by the Reiki Alliance USA known as Reiki Alliance Method. (2) The second method is that given by David Gerald known as "THE DAVID GERALD METHOD". (3) The third method is given by Diane Stein known as "Diane Stein Method" or the Combined Method. Incorporating the salient features of above three methods Grand Master Swami Shukla has developed a unique Reiki attunement method for Reiki initiation which includes six symbols TMS, UMS, Distant, Mental, Power & Raku. His Reiki initiations at each level is as below :

Reiki I - This level includes 4 sacred initiations rituals. The initiation is called Reiju.
Reiki II - This level includes 2 sacred initiations rituals. The initiation is called Okuden.
Reiki III - This level includes 1 sacred initiation ritual. The initiation is called Shinpiden.
Master level - This level includes 2 sacred initiation riruals. The initiation is called Gokoi Kaiden.

Reiki Grandmaster

The term Reiki Grandmaster was never used by Mikao Usui or Chujiro Hayashi. It came into being with the advent of the Reiki alliance Phylis Lei Furumoto Hawayo Takata's grand daughter received this title in 1983.

In fact a Reiki Grandmaster is not a person but a presence. Do not be confused with his title. It is not an egoistic assertion. As his ego has gone he is no more a doer but a channel. He is simply a flute on the lips of the divine having no song of his own. For him Reiki is a love affair with life, love affair with the person he is teaching or treating and love affair with the cosmos. He is not a teacher but a magnetic force, a magnetic field of positive energy, of presence.