The external guru's duty is to show your own guru within.

Spirituality is concerned more with Being than doing. The seeker's whole effort is to be one self.

Spirituality is not an experience. You cannot experience it. If you experience it, it is something of the mind. How can you experience yourself? When there is nothing to be seen, when all experiences disappear, when there is no object to be observed but only awareness not obstructed by any experience then you have become spiritual. You are the seer. Spirituality is not performance oriented. It is to be lived as naturally as we breathe. Spirituality is a quality of being actually it is awareness of the divine reality. As an Indian Mystic Sri Kunal Krishna says "Spiritual journey is not filling yourself with other people's knowledge, it is essential for the inner journey to drop all borrowed knowledge and start as though you know absolutely nothing. Spirituality is direct and simple, now and here, it is living dangerously moment to moment without any greed, fear, guilt, confusion and dissatisfaction. Spirituality is not a business which sells the crutches of comfort, consolation and conclusion. It is a process of deep quest and deep questioning which invokes the awareness to see the false as the false, to see the true as the true and to weed out the false from the true. In the endless music of spirituality; meditation, Samadhi and enlightenment are only changing notes of the one rhythm… there is no wall of separation.

The Divine Quest for a living Master

The greatest blessing of life is to find a master who knows, who sees, one who is. Master is not a teacher. He is a magnetic force of divine presence. Once the surrender has happened the master becomes the door for you but always remember that surrender is not towards somebody, it is simply a way of life.


he seer must be greater than the seen. Witnessing is not of the mind; mind can never be a witness. The real perceiver is beyond the senses and the mind. The real self is actually the knower within. True observation is when there is no observer. To be is to be miserable. To be happy is not to be. When I am nowhere, I am in myself. Only nothingness can be free. If you are something, you will be in bondage.


You cannot be enlightened. When you are not, enlightenment is. An enlightened man is never a man of knowledge, because knowledge always belongs to the mind. There is a great difference between knowledge and knowing. Knowledge is always a conclusion - knowing is a process. Self knowledge differs from any empirical knowledge of an object. Our self is always the subject and can never become the object of knowledge. Consciousness is the self. It is not an attribute of the self. The self is existence, consciousness and bliss. It is non-dual, ever free and never bound. Enlightenment is not something plus added to you. Enlightenment is when you have completely gone. It is a minus phenomenon. You are no longer there. This is the deepest realization of the knower that your being is non-being. When you are not, you are divine. A truly enlightened person would never make the claim to have attained enlightenment for himself, for with enlightenment the last trace of egocentricity vanishes, leading to the perception that there is no individual to be enlightened, where as the assertion "I am Enlightened" implies the contrary claim. The Japanese word for awakening is "satori". The Chinese equivalent of satori is "chieh wu" which means awakening in the sense of Enlightenment. You too can get enlightened. "Enlightenment is within the reach of one and all. Every one is eligible for enlightenment" Enlightenment is simply to admit that you are already enlightened - Raman Maharshi.

If you are an authentic spiritual seeaker join us to taste the true essence of spirituality in your life. The miracle of personal loving contact of Swami Shukla is that without claiming himself to be your guru he throws you back to your Inner Self, Inner Light and Inner Bliss. Being a disciple is not in anyway less than being a master. The whole question is of being total if you are totally a disciple you have all the glories, all blessings and all the benedictions that a master has, there is not difference at all. So a disciple can also exist without a Guru. It is better not to paste any labels on your being which is akin to non-being and is so pure and so divine. Like Zen Master he provides no map for his students. They begin in the dark and then reach a sudden inner illumination. The mind is the only thing that stands between you and you. If you can drop your mind you become enlightened. Swami Shukla insists to bear one's own cross however heavy it may be with love and meditation.